As a redhead, what to do, what to do.

By Cynthia Hays

I love being a redhead. I cannot help it. Red hair is such a beauty statement. Yes, it is true. Look at the likes of Arlene Dahl (okay, she was a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood). Rita Hayworth, Nicole Kiddman, Joanna Moore, Aphrodite, and all those  Celtic beauties. Need I say more? Yes, I must say more! I say more for all of us redheads who do not have a stylist and who are confused as to what colors go with our fiery tresses. I stand up for all of us who feel locked in to coppers and browns. There has got to be more. Yes, there is more and finally someone gets it. Who would it be? Who would of thunk it? Why,my sister Carolyn, Makeup Artist to the Stars? That’s who!

Let me tell you a secret about redheads that my sister Carolyn told me. I was complaining to her that I was bored with the palette of makeup colors offered to redheads. Then Carolyn ROCKED my world as only she can do. She said, “Cynthia do you know what color is stunning on a redhead?” I rolled my eyes and asked “What color?” .Carolyn whispered into the receiver “Pink”. I thought “WHAT?! Is she crazy”.
Redheads, what is the one color everyone says to avoid? Yes, we all know it is …PINK. Carolyn then proceed to give a scientific reasoning for this – basically pink accentuates the red and they play off one another. Truly the answer goes much deeper then that – Carolyn will give more on this next week. I threw caution to the wind and bought a pink lipstick. Since then, my world as a redhead has been expanded to new and wonderful places. It almost feels like Christmas morning. If you are a redhead then you know what I mean.
Carolyn sold me on one of her pink colors. It is called Lily. It is a perfect pink with with a slight lavender undertone. By the way, if you want to go to the next level, try Carolyn’s lip gloss called Naked (in a very sexy in a good way ). Great Spring into Summer lip gloss and Carolyn said paired smokey eyes, it is a very sexy way to go. At my age, I need all the sexiness I can get!
Redheads, let us celebrate what and who we are! Let us break from the traditional mold and shake things up. In my next blog, we are examining the Art of the Eyebrow as it pertains to us. No more guessing what it takes to create the perfect brow for us redheaded lovelies. Talk to you next week.
Are you a redheaded lovely? Leave some comments below and tell me how the pink worked out for you!
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